Efficient, Effective & Creative Dispute Resolution

Mae Villanueva is a skilled, passionate, and tenacious mediator. She serves the interests of both parties by helping them reach mutually agreeable solutions. Mae Villanueva’s communication skills and negotiation techniques allow her to help parties mediate pre litigated and litigated disputes, saving them time and money

How Can Mae Help You?

For over a decade Mae Villanueva has assisted in representing hundreds of clients involved in multiparty and class action civil litigation. Along with her experience in civil litigation she has conflict resolution skills that can help parties resolve their dispute. Mae listens to understand each stakeholder’s interest and position. When disputants are mediating with Mae, they can be assured that she will identify key issues in dispute and work with the parties to help them come up with creative and sustainable solutions.  Mae’s passion in resolving conflict through mediation allows all parties involved to feel that they are walking away from the negotiating table as a winner. Mae is well-suited to help parties to a dispute get back on track and move forward with confidence and peace of mind

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Our Vision

Mae Villanueva’s primary goal is to help parties resolve disputes by facilitating productive communication. She provides a confidential and safe space wherein both individuals and counsel can feel confident in negotiating a mutually acceptable mediated agreement. With Mae Villanueva, you can be assured that your case will be handled with dignity and diplomacy and in an efficient and effective manner.  

Our Blog

We help our audience learn more about the latest on alternative dispute resolution through our blog page. Mae Villanueva is ready to help her valuable clients resolve their disputes through in-person or remote mediation. To know more about our mediation service, click the link below.